Sunday, February 5, 2012

I've Got Class

Priorities. We pick. We choose. We sometimes make them according to our own pleasure. Such was my choice on Friday.

Sydney's past 5th grade teacher asked me to help with a class project. The class was writing scenes from the book The Westing Game, a wonderful book...even for adults. We worked on the project all week with filming on Friday. Monday we finish filming with the class, watching the video of all scenes on Tuesday. So, my priority for a few days will be students.

Every day after  I leave the 5th grade, I make my way around the library passing Gabby's room. She looks up and waves. The best part of my day. On Tuesday, I will stop in to listen to a speech she is given. Her grandma is visible in her school.

Children are our priority, aren't they? Be they ours or belonging to someone else, even those we don't know. We protect the children. We are aware of language when out in public. We watch over a child roaming around alone in a store wondering if the child is lost. We might even give a speech to kids on bikes who don't look when crossing the street. We protect.

I love giving my time to these children, helping them by what I know. We all have gifts to give. A watchful eye, a simple smile, volunteering in a child's class. All signs to show that someone cares.

I will be a bit unavailable the next couple of days. I'll be in class.

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