Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Double the Fun

Boogie Wipes, Pacifier Wipes, diapers with a strip that tells when the baby should be changed....I'll tell you, shopping for a new baby is a whole new ballgame this ten years after last baby shopping. I wanted to get one of each. Well, I did get a few of the items....a few.

I have baby fever. This realization that in about five months, twenty more toes and fingers will be added to our family. Twins. This is all new me. It is a fever I have developed that is increasing with each passing month. Tiny things are so much cuter than those available when my children and granddaughters were born. Ballet slippers for little girls with tutu onesy's. Little boy fashion statements. Argh! I need to know if we have boys, girls or a little of both. Argh! I need to win the lottery.

My daughter-in-law has a rapidly growing tummy. The youngins' seem to be enjoying the nest eager to meet the neighbor sharing the womb. I fall back in time remembering the first stirrings of my children. The hours I sat watching my child romp and play against my ribs. It was the most precious time of my life this sharing of life, this time alone with my unborn child. Now I am excited for Lisa to know the experience and for my son to share it with her.

Each child is a gift to a family. We as grandparents have the opportunity to go out and discover the world of babies once more. We have the opportunity to catch up on the newest information on caring for a newborn. Best of all, we have the wonderful experience of watching our children become parents.

Boogie wipes. Hm. Twins. I wonder if I should get more.


  1. Twins!!!!!!!! How wonderful for all of you! It is going to be a long 5 months! But certainly worth the wait and anticipation.

    1. We are very excited. I think the first time mommy is a little apprehensive. My son is just like a kid all over again. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I love having my blog 'family'.

  2. I'm excited for you. But the things that babies need most aren't bought in stores!