Monday, February 6, 2012

Camera Rolling

As dependable as lemmings migrating to the cliffs, kid are just kids.

"I don't like this project," a boy said. He sat at the table looking everywhere but into the eyes of the teacher and me.

I love teaching theatre. When asked to help with the 5th graders, I hesitated wondering if I still had the same enthusiasm as I had years ago when I freelanced. All it took were kids who wanted to learn....and one who didn't.

The kids memorized their lines then figured out who would be where.

"Sorry," I said. "You cannot sit on this side of the table for two reasons. One: I can't see faces or hear you speak. Two: (which might be three since One consisted of two, but I digress.) You are blocking other actors."

Well, obviously the kids weren't all onboard, because they had no idea what blocking meant. It was right up there is voice projection and interpretation, or in essence, stage directions.

We finally got the scenes into place where I could see everyone as I taped. Five, Four, Three, Two, One......and rolling!

The young man playing the lawyer read the Will. The boy next to him was correcting his lines and a girl on the other end of the table was talking.....not-her-turn talking.

"Now, we are going to film. Remember: Talk loudly so the camera will pick up your voices. Don't sit like a kid. Be your character which is an adult. If someone makes a mistake, ignore it. Have fun but stay on task."

"Five, Four, Three, Two, One and Rolling!"

The scene finished. Few mistakes occurred, except for an occasional kid watching me film instead of staying in character.

"I love acting," said one of the girls as she left the room." She was the shy one.

The boy who had been reluctant was one of my best actors. "So was it fun?" I asked.

"It was okay," he said with a smile.

It was okay. Mistakes and all were just perfect. Kids learned something new, and I was reminded of something old. I've decided to see if I will have students if I start teaching acting again. We should all teach what we love in order for others to find pieces of themselves.

Five, Four, Three, Two, One......

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