Monday, January 2, 2012

The Smell of Passing Flowers

So I watched a parade of flowers moulded into shapes that moved, floated and had purpose. People waved at the crowd. The crowd waved back. I sat watching wondering if it smelled good when the flowers passed.

A year left us and a new one came to take its place. There wasn't a gap or a need for the new year to take its place, because it just butted up next to that is taking over. The problems of the last year didn't end with the first day of the next. The politicians seem not to notice just spending dollars and using up TV time  as usual. I will have to wash the dirty clothes from last year. That sounds like it should be a big pile, but since I did it last year, or last Friday, the pile isn't too large. A new year came, but nothing really changed.

I haven't seen my granddaughters since Christmas. That was last year, you know. I miss them terribly, but know that I have to heal; I have to find my way to the new year learning to leave the worst of last year behind. Out with the old and in with the new, but it doesn't work that way. The last year that butts up to this new year spills over. We still pick up the pieces and do the best we can regardless of the year on the calendar.

I don't believe in resolutions. If I have to make a resolution to change myself, then I'm well aware that I can do it on my own if I care to try. I can put in place the new resolution, but I'm still bringing the old me along with it. Perhaps it would be better to just work on what I have without a verbal contract with it in the form of a resolution.

The parade of yesterday is gone. It is resting on a shelf in the memory bank. I sit here on this second day of the new year and wonder, "Did I take time to smell the flowers?"

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