Monday, January 16, 2012

Pam's Follies

"Never met a man I didn't like." The actor crossed the stage twirling a rope. My son was in the cast of Will Rogers Follies. I'd heard the music before from a CD my son had given me. Will Rogers was a name I remembered from my childhood. A man of humor. A man of great wit. A man of great wisdom.

I plan to quote this man over the next few days. I'm a lover of quotes. They just sit there waiting for us to glean out what seems to speaks to us. I have gleaned a great deal from Will Rogers. Of course, keep in mind that I also glean a lot from the quotes of Winnie the Pooh. I'm easily captured in thought....thoughts that take me to writing.

Will Rogers believed that we needed to try to understand our fellow man, er, people. He looked for the good in people and the humor in life. His life was given to his work with his family sometimes suffering the absence of a father. There are those people who seem to belong more to the people than to themselves and their families. There are those who are given to us, who give to us and who end in tragic ways. Today I think of Dr. King.

I am thankful for these later day trail blazers who step out of the wings in order to turn the world just a bit on it axis. Perhaps I find pieces of them that speak to me in ways that allow me to find myself and a voice for the words I know but have not spoken. Perhaps it is that piece that all of us possess that belongs to the whole. We all have a chance to change the world even if is it is only our own little corner. We all have a chance to change.

Rogers made another statement that I like much better than the first. "Never met a person I didn't want to like." What fantastic words! What a high bar of expectation!

My granddaughters and I sat in the car watching people pass. "Let's try to find something we like about each person," I said.

They latched on to the idea and loved it. A smile, a hat, sometimes struggle, but we found something beautiful in each person. Small steps, but those we can instill in the next generation. Looking for that something to like in each person.

Thanks, Will Rogers, for giving me food for thought.

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