Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Extraordinary Life

The wall was lined with wooden boxes filled with straw. The big, fat hen sat on the nest refusing to move when the young girl approached, basket in hand. She looked at the chicken. The chicken looked at her. No one budged. A small hand reached into the nest beneath the wary fowl finding an warm, freshly laid egg. I lead an extraordinary life.

I didn't know about this uniqueness of my life while living those years. For all the things I envied that was available to city kids, I failed to understand the richness of the life that was just outside of the house back the lane in Darke County, Ohio.

The baby bunnies wriggled beneath the white fur a the cozy nest inside of the birthing box. The mother rabbit came out to feed on the pellets in the crock bowl. Dad lifted the box showing me the pink babies with eyes yet open. I did not realize the extraordinary life I lead.

We all lead such lives. Even those who live in difficult circumstances have much to understand from their past. Lessons are not always easy, but they are unique with each of us. Yes, we learned about life on the farm, but death was always a shadow that followed. A horse dying from foundering on corn. A ewe passing painfully after the birth of her lamb. A pet calf taken to market for butchering. A neighbor girl drowning in the creek. Yes, with any good came the difficult as well.

I'm not sure where I am going with all of this. Perhaps it is not about the life we lead, but what we take from that experience. I turned mine into writing in hopes of making a difference, a connection. Perhaps I also write in order to share a life I that has taught me much. Not everyone can reach a hand beneath an old hen hoping that she will give up her prize without protest. But we can share one another's experiences expanding our own, awakening things we might have overlooked.

Extraordinary lives.

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