Saturday, January 28, 2012

A CSI Education

What can you teach me?

This morning I decided that education needs a face lift. We have done children an injustice. We are teaching and not learning. Just maybe we have failed to understand how to use this brain of ours and how to encourage others to use theirs. Many students are uninspired. So how do we inspire them?

Well, this morning in my quality car-driving time, I had one of those "aha" moments. We are educating kids instead of learning from them. We teach children what we know instead of asking them what they know. I think that education should be more like a CSI. Gathering of facts, investigation and evidence. I think we should rewrite text books asking more questions and leading children to find answers.

We all know those names of great men and women who have made enormous discoveries and those who have opened our eyes to new awareness. Those who traveled their own paths. Obviously, we do not get all we can get from each other, from ourselves. We tap into such a small part of our awareness let alone discovering who we are and what we can give. In my opinion, our educational system is antiquated. We shoot ourselves in the foot every day.

Yes, there are basics, but there are basics in every CSI case. It is how we interpret the evidence, how we investigate that draws our conclusions. We need to use brains more thoroughly. I can't imagine what would happen if we tapped into all of bounty that grey matter contains. Children inspired and excited to discover themselves. Teachers eager to learn from each discovery and to pass on the results. More labs and chaos, more chances of discovery.

Ah, if I ruled the world. But, alas, I don't. I have seen the results of students finding themselves. I have seen what it is like to see a child grow from a quiet seed into a glorious tree. Once you have seen it, you never forget. I believe that we can all find our niche in life. We just need to have the opportunity and avenues to explore. We are all explorers.

Everyday we overlook those who could make our world better. I would like for us to offer every person a CSI kit and let them find answers that might just save a life or a world some day. I think every child would crave such an adventure. I know I would.

CSI: Children Seeking Information

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