Monday, January 23, 2012

Croix en

"Does anyone know what Croix en means?" the dance teacher asked her ballet class. Parents...and grandma...looked on. The students shifted nervously. A couple of hands raised. My granddaughter looked over at her father and me with a small smirk on her face. Obviously, she didn't know.

Once a year, family members are invited to the dance classes at the Communications and Arts Academy. Last year the students took the mandatory class as a PE credit. This class is made up of students who have chosen to take dance. Monday/ Wednesday ballet, Tuesday tap, Thursday Jazz. I will go back on Thursday.

There are two things that took place this morning. First was my delight seeing in my granddaughter the beautiful woman she will become. Her poise and grace so natural. I was in awe of her beauty, the capturing of the dance and the dancer.

The second thing that happened was in observing how few parent showed up for this class. Four students were represented while at least twenty students had no one. No one! Yes, parents work. Yes, there are appointments to keep and duties to do. I hope that my children would think to ask another family member to cover for them should they not be able to participate. I would hope that we have good enough friends and family to work together. Of course, not every event will be attended by someone, but I feel it should be the rare occasion and not the norm.

We all need that kind of support in our lives. That knowing that someone cares enough to give of themselves to go that extra mile. Too often that race to be richer, in great shape, more beautiful, a supporter of causes, takes away from family.

I didn't have support when I was a child and always missed it. There is a silent message of love when a parent surprising shows up unexpectedly. I saw it today in my granddaughter's eyes when she saw her father and me already there waiting. Love was given and taken in.

Croix en. Steps that resemble the four corners of the cross. Graceful movement. Breathtaking beauty. Perhaps it is a dance that represents all that comes with faith. Emotion the speaks loudly in the movement of the body. Croix en.

Today a grandma was very proud.

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