Monday, December 19, 2011

You Have the Gift

A special thank you for those who have sent emails to me regarding my new living situation. I appreciate your kind words.

But enough about me. Now on to the holiday season and few shopping days until Christmas. My Christmas will be simple this year. A quiet time of reflection and blessing counting. A time with my son and his wife, Lisa, with my granddog, Millie. Gifts will be simple. Christmas music will ring throughout the house and food will grace the table. We will celebrate the holy season. We celebrate with all believers in a higher power.

This year my Christmas is about healing, finding new ground. For those of us with grandchildren, we know that their smiles alone are the best gifts of all. For those of us with good friends and children, we are blessed to have those who embrace us and want us in their lives.

It is a time of reaching out in the simplest of ways. For all we don't have, we are graced with much. For all we can't give, we can give abundantly. We are a gift in ourselves able to change a frown to a smile by just finding the smile in ourselves.

My blog will be a bit spotting since I am without internet at home, but I will keep this lazy trek through senior years going for those who want to trek along with me. Be a blessing this week. You have the gift.


  1. I've been busy with my Christmas preparations and missed your news. I'm so sorry that sharing a home with your daughter didn't work out. But you're a strong and resilient person, and I'm sure you will find reasons to celebrate this holiday season.

  2. Yes, Susan, I have much to celebrate. Each day is a celebration. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas from Oregon to Texas. And, wishing you a fantastic new year with Grandparents. You give a gift daily, Susan. Thank you.