Friday, December 30, 2011

The Positive and The Negative

One year goes to sleep resting in the bed called the past. A new year opens full of the unknown and possibilities. Maybe I will do better this year.

There are several years I was thrilled to put to rest, hoping that a new year would be better. I can't say that all of the new years were better. Just different. All years, even the toughest, had events well worth savoring.

Often I have heard people say, "Why can't life just get better? Why are the cards stacked against me? I just can't seem to win." Well, I'm here to tell you that we win every day. We are conquerors every day making decisions to help us get through whatever befalls us. We are survivors who can face adversity and find hope. We aren't down yet! We don't need to be!

I could sit here and complain about all of the things that have happened since I was laid off a couple of years ago. I could wallow in self pity wondering, "why me", but what would it prove? I prefer to think of positive change and "why not me". I don't know how to get out of this loop I seem to be living in, but I do have the ability to change the way I look at my life.

A new year is on the doorstep waiting for me to open the latch and walk through. I plan to pull up my boot straps and take that step into all the surprises the year can bring. For all of the 'oops' that might come along, I have the innate ability to chose to be positive.

One lesson I learned long ago was that a negative does not bring on a positive. Negative energy and positive energy when working together can create a power beyond them both. The power of positive thinking.

Happy New Year, my friends. I'm positive it will be a good one.


  1. May this year's journey will be a wonderful one for all of us. I love your attitude -- Happy New Year!

  2. I, too, believe in the power of positive thinking. Happy New Year!