Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Ornaments of My Life

Not at Christmas. Oh, please, not at Christmas.

This time of the year should be all tinsel and toy, joy and happiness. Still there are shadows that come each year to visit. Shadows of past Christmas season that brought loss and sadness.

Yesterday my friend, Paulette, rushed out of the house to get her son's dog who seemed to have been poisoned. The dog indeed had gotten into something that burned his throat and poisoned his body. We all gathered round the sweet boxer hoping to give him comfort and support. This morning he returned to the vet. He is hanging in there.

When my son was a senior in high school, he had a party at our house for the choir. Accidents happen. Our schnauzer, Mandy, managed to get into the Hershey Kisses. She died. It is memory that comes every year.

My mother passed on December 14, 2000. The season doesn't roll around that I don't remember that December. My aunt who just passed was a Christmas baby. The memories roll around as does the calendar of days.

It is the birth and death of a Man who brings us to this season of love and hope.  It is the faith that we have in love that heals and brings joy. I am a Christian, but I embrace all who believe in a God of peace. We are a world suffering together. Perhaps this season we can think of healing together.

I'm not saddened because of the losses, but  I call to memory the joys of those who passed this time of the year. They are truly the ornaments of my life.

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