Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nestled in the True Meaning

Shhhhhh...the children are sleeping. A jolly man makes his flight across the sky with antlered reindeer in winter coats pulling his sleigh full of children's delights.

In the meantime, adults pull out boxes and batteries and start the task of putting together toys. I remember it well. We were up most the night on many a Christmas eve trying to figure out difficult directions for a fairly simple toy. Then shaking batteries out of flashlights and alarm clocks hoping we had the right size. Ah, the holidays.

I don't miss those times of panic and exhaustion, but I do miss that time of sleepy-eyed children dashing to the tree in the morning stopping to wake us on the way. After several years of being shaken awake at hours when the sun had not yet thought to rise, my husband and I decided  be up before the children. It was the first year that the children decided to sleep in. Argh!

When the children we young, we made our way to Ohio and the farm. Mom and Dad stood by the door waiting for their children and grandchildren to come in from their various states of residence. Sleepy parents and children came home to the nest. I know that Mom and Dad weren't busy putting toys together. No, they were busy preparing to embrace their children once more.

We make a big deal out of Christmas sometimes overlooking the simplicity of what it means. Parents try to buy everything on the child's list, so they won't be disappointed. Disappointments part of life, isn't it? Isn't there a deeper lesson to learn?

I no longer have those parents, those parents who stood by the window watching, waiting. They knew what Christmas was about. They knew that it was about love and family. It was about embracing those around them. They didn't need batteries or a screwdriver. They had an open door policy for anyone who needed a place to go and find love. Their gift of love for their children was the ultimate gift.

May the true meaning of Christmas be yours. May the true understanding of love embrace you. May we all find that the peace we hand out will grow from that simple start. We are a gift to one another. Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays, my friends.

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  1. Today was my Daddy's birthday and your post sure made me think of him. When my daughter was little he started a new and wonderful tradition -- he would stuff the kids Christmas stockings with batteries!

    Merry Christmas!