Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Believe

Caught up in the web of deception. Wow! How often does that happen? Paint ourselves into a corner. Hm! Done that a few times. I could continue with these analogies, but I assume you've gotten the picture.

It's difficult to know where some of our dialogue with cihldren will lead us. I know that I had a very rough time telling my kids little white lies about fairies and a big elf in a red suit. I just did not feel comfy with it, but I would do what I could for my kids to have imagination and the world of delight that each child deserves.

My sister wrote that her grandson had lost a tooth. He placed the tooth beneath the pillow awaking the next morning to find that the tooth still there. The Tooth Fairy had indeed landed a disappointment. His mother, in trying to correct their lapse in pillow visiting, wrote a note from the winged wonder as to the reason of the delay and remiss in meeting said duties of tooth removal, money placement. My sister and young boy went to his bedroom to see the tooth that was still there only to find the note instead. After reading the note, Henry said, "And I always thought the Toothfairy was a person."

It will be interesting to see how this works out in the end. A door was open and a myth slammed it shut again. I'm sure that one day I will be voting for Henry for president.

I think perhaps we parents make our own chuckles. We stumble through this parenting thing trying not to miss the steps and sometimes fall flat on our faces. Thus, a new story is born.

It is a good time of the year for fairies and men in red suits. It is a time that even the adult should find a bit of mystery and step through the door of imagination.

I keep saying...."I believe. I believe."

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