Monday, December 26, 2011

Find the Blessings

It was the first Christmas not in my own home. A strange thing to awaken at my son's house and settling into their Christmas ritual. It was the first.

The rituals we set in place in our homes when our children grow up change as our children marry and have their own families. The 'in-charge' changes to 'what can I do'. We go from the leader to the follower. Transition.

It's interesting how we spend our lives striving to have the homes and lives we want. We plunge ahead full force tweaking our lives to continually improve and move forward striving for the perfect life. I remember as a young married couple, we couldn't wait to entertain in style. We our family to consist of one girl and one boy. We strived to have the kind of life we imagined.

Well, it seems that it has taken me most of my life to understand that life is never as I imagined. I've learned that life is humbling and a journey never traveled alone. I've learned that just when you settle into a way of life, it changes. The bumps have taught me that I can ride them out. The highs have taught me that they are precious commodities.

Some choose to look at aging as a time when we have crossed over that peak of thrills and excitement, of finding those highs. I choose to think of it as a time to still make improvement in myself, my thinking, and to find out what positive can come from the adjustments in my life. Perhaps it is selfish to think that my life is all about myself.

My Christmas was wonderful. It was wonderful because I saw the good and put away the sad. I am blessed because I choose to find the blessings.

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  1. "I am blessed because I choose to find the blessings." Very true, and a good message for us all.