Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cindy Lou Who

The child caught my eye, this small toddler riding along on her daddy's hip. This woman and child had a tiny moment of recognition. A woman of age recognizing the gift of the child. The child sensing the warmth of a grandparent's love. Only a tiny moment. Here and gone as quickly as the winter snowflake so lovely drifting down then gone in an instant. Yet, the beauty is remembered.

How often does it happen to you? A baby is seen in passing and the eyes meet. The baby smiles and the grandparent returns it thinking of her own children when they were babes and of her precious grandchildren. I think it is an awakening that happens when you fall in love with your children. That instant recognition of souls that are both old and new.

We live in a time of caution and fear for our younguns (would you believe this is actually a word in the dictionary?!). We know better than to approach a child yet there is a silent understanding between this beginning of life and those in the later years. You can sense the source of this feeling. I think perhaps it is the soul singing another connection into this world of chaos. Perhaps it is a higher power reminding us that there is hope for both the child and the adult.

In a world where Grinch's seem to abound, I am pleased to know that there are many Cindy Lou Who's who are teaching those who may have forgotten what it is to smile.

She smiled at me and my heart grew a few sizes larger that day.

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