Monday, December 12, 2011

Bright Hope

Lights twinkle upon a lovely tree.
The scent of evergreen lures us in and holds us there.
Packages sent. Packages received.
Holiday parties and songs of joy.

It is a season of happiness and joy for many. A time of loneliness and pain for the 'other' many. My messages this month will be of tinsel and toys, of girls and boys, of those gather the piano 'round and those who to visit from out of town. It will be words of hope and words of peace, words that will captures and I hope, not release.

Know how blessed you are this day. Hold one another and talk only of caring. Look to the future with hope and expectation.

I write with words that I hope will inspire for you who are jobless, alone and confused. Remember, I am one of you. Without hope and healing, without forgiveness and self worth, we cannot see the light ahead. That light waits for for us. You are loved. You are lovely. You are the spirit of Christmas.

Today I write words of comfort and joy looking for answers to clear cobwebs away. I look to the tree twinkling bright, smelling the scent of the forests' delight. I look to the sky for that star of bright hope. And promise myself that today I won't mope.

A smile on your lips and a cheery good-bye, I post this blog......with a tear in my eye.

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