Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bing and Me

Bing Crosby and I have this thing going every Christmas holiday season. My granddaughters ask who is this man with the mellow croon. I guess we need to watch White Christmas.

I was doing a crossword puzzle today while waiting for Gabby to get out of school. So many puzzles have the same clues, and I wonder: How will younger generations ever figure out the answers? We grew up with the answers. Maybe I just haven't come across a new century puzzle book. Maybe I don't want to. It then dawned on me that many of the clues are even beyond my generation, but I knew the answers from the conversations of my parents and others. I new about Dempsey and Ott. I knew a little bit about a lot. Again, I attribute it to conversation. Without a wii or xbox, we had more time to listen and learn. We listened to music and made it as well.

The older I get, the more I wish I lived in a  little isolated village far from technology, noise and politics. I'd like to get up every day and have coffee with a neighbor before we shake out our rugs and sweep off the front stoops. I'd like to have simple recreation, such as a sleigh ride or ice skating on a pond. Storytelling around the yule log and giggling over a game of Pick Up Sticks. I'd like to get a yoyo in my stocking along with a wooden top. Simplicity.

So back to Bing. When he sings, I go back in time and nest for awhile. I hope my grandkids are curious some day to find out how simple life was not all so long ago. As for me, I think I'll also spend some time with Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and even a bit of Maurice Chevalier. I might even practice crooning.


  1. We lost so much making the world speed up so fast around us. i don't think any of us knows what to make of it. I wonder what our grandchildren will make of their childhood when they are 60 and harkening back to the good old days.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly, John. I think we were pretty lucky to have such a rich history. I was lucky to be raised by the old homestead surrounded by family and past.

  3. I do the crossword puzzles, too. When the grandkids want to help, I often have to tell them, "This is someone (or something) you've never heard of." On the other hand, sometimes they can tell me answers that I don't know, because I'm way out of touch with contemporary culture!