Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Positive.....Pass It On

She walked through the door all smiles and hugs wrapping her arms around me. "Hi, Grammy."

This morning I got up early to take my granddaughter to school while her mom slept in. Waking up to Gabby is like waking up to joy every day. Gabby doesn't understand anger or pain inflicted by someone else. She grabs hold of each minute and fills it with chatter and energy. Her cup is never half empty. She pats the sofa for me to sit by her. We have thirty minutes snuggled together to talk and giggle. Thirty minutes of just her and me. I am a lucky woman.

A friend said that she is at her wits end, and it never seems to end. It took me back to when I was married. My husband claimed that I was negative. Of course, I had my reason. Valid reasons. I didn't want to give up my anger. It was mine and I had a right to it.

At some point I decided that I didn't want to be angry any more. My husband was off doing his thing, and I was with the children 24/7. I decided that happiness in the house was vital for the well-being of the children. For me. I handed my husband his problems and focused on healing. Every negative thought was replaced with one that was positive. After a bit of time, I found that the positive thoughts were always there, and the negative took a backseat. I changed. My life changed. My children changed.

Sometimes we seem to hold on to the negative, because it justifies our anger and moods. It's easier to not try than to make an effort to do better. It's easier to wallow in self pity than to try to smile when everything seems to work against us.  Those dark feelings get fed by everything when the negative reigns. In looking back, I wonder what in the heck was I thinking? Who wants to wake up every day ready for nothing to go right? Who wants to brood and be nasty? Who chooses to think their feelings are more important than those around them? Who wins?

I wish I could take Gabby's energy and zest and dust it across the world. I wish I could plant her beautiful happiness in everyone I meet. I try. I try to be an example. I try to step away from despair and into the light. I try to find the smile in everyone I meet.

Funny thing about positive. It can turn a day around for someone else. A smile, a kind word, a gentle hand can ease pain, loneliness and sadness. Maybe, just maybe, it can change the world.


  1. Wonderful post and I couldn't agree more! Life is much better with a smile on your face and you never know whose day you may improve with that smile or just a nice Hello.

  2. Grandma Kc, you made me smile so you did a good job!

  3. Great post! My hubby and I don't have any big conflicts, but we get snippy with each other about little household duties. I've decided to try to handle those differences with humor, and it has made a big change in the atmosphere of our home.

  4. Truly amazing.

    I love these lines: "A smile, a kind word, a gentle hand can ease pain, loneliness and sadness. Maybe, just maybe, it can change the world." and I believe it with all my heart.

    God bless you, xx

  5. Thanks for reading the blog and getting something from it. I have always believed that the whole only works when the pieces get their act together. Right now I'm working hard to keep the positive on top. We are a mass of people but each of us have a power all our own. Keep believing.....I will, too.