Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Light the Lamp

Winter roars in when least expected. And, for a time, people step back into the past.

When I was a child and the power went off in that house back the lane, we all huddled in the basement by the fireplace. We cooked our food over said fireplace and slept in our beds beneath piles of quilts and comforters. Dad went to the barns and broke up the frozen water in the watering trough so the animals could drink. Extra bedding was given to the sheep and barn doors and windows closed tight against the winter wind. No towns were nearby for food, so the canned goods in the fruit room fed us. It was a time in the past that my children and grandchildren don't remember. Yet it is a time brought to life when winter comes quickly to call.

"I want it to snow here," Gabby said.

"Did he say we were getting snow?" asked Sydney her eyes bright with anticipation.

The temps on the left side of these United States is dropping slowly. The weather man was talking about the snow falling on Mt. Hood when Sydney caught his words. The children here are eager for snowfall. Snowfall that we don't get every winter.

We are fortunate to have a gas fireplace to keep us warm, and, if need be, we can go to my son's just a couple miles away to keep warm by his wood burning fireplace. He is within walking distance from the grocery while our pantry is well-described by my daughter:

"All we have are beans!!!!"

Winter takes us to a vulnerability that for some is all new. My roots taught me to survive a powerless time. It taught me to be entertained with family instead of computers and televisions. It taught my children that we could have fun by the fireplace and creative food choices.

We wait on the left side for snowfall. Our hearts go out to those who have been without power for such a long time. For me? I need to get oil for my oil lamps.

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