Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kiss of Sunshine

The alarm went off. My room was as dark as it was when I closed my eyes last night. The room was chilly as I tried to put my body, still asleep, into some warmer clothing. Stacey had a day off. I offered to take Gabby to school. Duty called.

I lit the fireplace then sat on the stairway waiting for Joel to drop her off. He would be on his way to take Sydney to school while I took Gabby a bit later to her school. Soon the car pulled up and both girls ran to the house. A quick hug from Sydney, and she was gone. The house had been dark until Gabby walked in. Gabby brought in the sunshine.

Before I could get into the room, Gabby had begun to clear off the sofa, so I could sit next to her. We didn't say much to one another. I was still trying to wake up, and she was busy greeting the dog. She snuggled closer and held my hand. Before long we were tickling hands and giggling.

Usually I don't get up when the girls go to school. They need that quiet time with Mom since they don't see her every day except for those few minutes. However, I felt the sunshine warm our house this morning. I found the perfect way to start the day.

I kissed the sunshine this morning and have been smiling since.

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