Monday, November 14, 2011

Creativity has No Boundaries

"I could never do that. I'm just not creative."

"Wow, I wish I could ." The list goes on.

Stop the excuses!!!!! There are no boundaries for creativity. However, if you don't go looking for it, you may never find it. The only thing keeping someone from finding their own creativity is the lack of trying.

My sister is an artist. She taught art for years. I look back at my earliest pictures that Mom held on to. I could draw stories. They were primitive, but still, a story complete with pictures. We were pushed towards music which was in our blood to begin with. But what of our other talents.

I knew I wanted to dance....our church didn't believe in it. I knew I wanted to create stories but was told that no one could make a living in the arts. I met resistance at every door to discovery.

Athletes were given many outlets. Parents supported the boys. Girls could twirl a baton or cheer for the team, but none were encouraged to be artists.

I discovered a couple of years ago that I could draw. I wasn't fantastic, but I loved it. The problem now is my arthritic hands. I long to know what I could have done had I been encouraged to just try it when I was younger. It wasn't my lack of outlet that held me back. It was my lack of understanding that I could step outside of what I knew and to just give it a try despite resistance.

I think we use excuses for ourselves and our children keeping creativity hidden. Perhaps there isn't money for lessons....or time. Perhaps we adults see other things as more important. Maybe we are too particular expecting perfection in efforts instead of just encouraging.

I learned to color inside of the lines. It was important that I learn that control. Now the kids color and create backgrounds behind the black and white lines. They open their minds and open doors to creativity.

Adults! I want no more excuses. You are never too old to try. Perfection is not a consideration. Whatever you do will be your own voice, your own expression. There is no wrong. All efforts are right. I never had the encouragement. Now pain restricts my efforts. Creativity has no boundaries. I believe that creativity is the link between all men and women around the world. I believe that we should creatively find ourselves in order to find a happiness that belongs to all.

Creativity has no boundaries...creativity tears down boundaries.

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