Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spirits and Spiders

Three boxes find their way into the living room. Well, they didn't really find their way. They were buried treasure hidden under storage containers in the garage. I carried them in one by one with Gabby hot on my heals. The first box contained costumes. Each girl tried on every costume whether it fit or not. Monsters, poodle skirt, Statue of Liberty, bumble bee, kitty all came out of the same box....a history box. Baby costumes were saved. Small and sweet. The poodle skirt had become a mini skirt on Sydney.

The next two boxes were full of decorations from my house and from Stacey's. Pumpkins came to life as candles were lit. Spiders sat on window sills and spider webs covered the front porch.

The girls fought over who would wear what out of the costume box. Stacey and I were to the point that we wanted to pack it all up and take it back to the garage. Then the girls quietened and disappeared with the orange and black streamers. Soon the house was transformed into a Halloween haunted house. "Do not enter" signs were posted on the front door. Spiders hung over the upstairs railing. Streamers hang over each bedroom doorway.

The house is cluttered and a bit of chaotic. I run into streams and spiders every time I pass through the hallway. Spiders can come to live here for awhile since they will just blend into the collection already occupying the fake webs hanging from corner to corner. The October adventure has begun and 'spirits' are high.

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