Friday, October 21, 2011

Northwest Perfection

Hoda and Kathy Lee in Seattle this morning: Seattle ranked 6th in worse dressed city in America. So on the show they go around the city picking out people telling them how lousy they dress.

Does this stuff really sell with the average American? I came from a generation where you dressed the same as everyone else minus your own taste in comfort and style. Yes, I have been the career woman who spent lots of money on clothing and was never caught off guard in case someone decided to drop in. I wore make up every day thinking that I needed to look my best 'every day' for my husband. I didn't know who I was for myself.

I love the Northwest. One thing that strikes most people who move here is the freedom to be who you are dressing comfortably and enjoying a beautiful life surrounded by nature and other people who are content to be just who they are. I love that the is no pretense and that everyone accepts everyone else.

Obviously, when it is suggested that someone needs a makeover, it suggests that they could be better. A young woman this morning, typical of most of us out here, had on a fleece vest, t-shirt, jeans and old comfy shoes. After the makeover, she had on a cute little outfit and new hairstyle.

"Do you get more attention now?" the girl was asked. And, yes, she did. My thoughts: If I get attention, I want it to be for who I am, not what I do to make myself different.

How many of the people getting makeovers can afford to keep up with the new look? Hair color costs a good bit of money over time. Clothes are not cheap. A wardrobe is for those who can afford it. Why do I need to look different? Why am I not great just the way I am? What kind of message do we send to young women who watch these shows?

I'm tired of those who have money telling those of us who don't have as much that we need to improve. Quite frankly, I don't want to spend an hour in the bathroom getting 'pretty'. I don't want to spend money I don't have on clothing I will only wear once in awhile. I don't want to be something I really am not. I want to be accepted just the way I am.

I'm tired of makeovers. I'm tired of the average person being criticized on national TV. I'm not sure why someone feels they have the right to pick apart someone else. We live in the Northwest. We live a casual life. Many of our executives wear casual clothing to work. Some offices allow people to bring their dogs to work. We hike around and bike around and comfy shoes are not frowned upon. The main staple in every wardrobe is jeans. We wear vests over shirts because our weather is fairly mild. Nature is preserved here. Homes are built considering the same. We are as natural as our NW environment, and we like it. Maybe those who think we can be better should try our lifestyle.

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  1. I agree! As I get older, I find it harder and harder to make myself put on makeup and fuss with my hair. I look at older women who eschew makeup and who wear a plain bob, and I think they look great. I've always admired the natural, outdoor look of women who live in the Northwest. I'm in Texas, the land of big hair and lots of eye makeup. I wish I had the nerve to go completely natural.