Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kid Blanket

Cooler weather brings on warm blankets and throws. Once more we are reacquainted with sweaters and jackets. Best of all, kid blankets are back again.

The homework was finished. I sat down on the sofa next to Sydney. Before I knew it her feet were on my lap. After a bit, the feet are replaced by her head. Grammy's foot rubs and face tickles seem to be back in season. Soon I hear Gabby bopping down the stairs.

"Grammy, can you sit in the middle?" she asks.

As soon as I am situated, her sweet head is on my lap. Sydney, who is now too tall to lie down on one cushion, leans against me. Her head on my shoulder. The dog runs around looking for a space as well.

The kid blanket goes away during the warm months. Too hot to cuddle. Too much to do inside the house and out. The kid blanket goes into storage. It's not that I didn't notice the change during the summer. I missed having the girls cuddle up snuggling in for Grammy time and warmth.

"I love you, Honey," I said to my almost teenage granddaughter.

"I love you, too.

Some day the kid blankets will be in storage only revealed in an occasional hug or kiss. Mom teasingly wanted my then college son to sit on her lap. I now appreciate what my mother must have felt in that one loving act of her grandson. For one last time, she held him. The kid blanket had peaked out once more.

Kid blankets. They are the best.

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