Monday, October 3, 2011

In the Audience

Children grow older, and we sit in the audience. Quietly, we watch. Silently we sit on the sidelines as our children perform this thing called life.

Last night I sat in the audience watching my son's show in the second step moving it on to a major production. The readers, the actors, played out the script my son has written. I sat nervously watching in a crowd of other audience members. I was struck with watching a scene unfold on stage as I was watching a scene unfold in my son's life. I am an audience member.

The active part of our involvement in our children's lives changes constantly most notably when they become adults. We become an audience member. I sat in that audience revisited by butterflies that have sat with me through auditions, school programs, plays and almost every phase of this life with children. A first speech, a first recital, a first dance, a first date, graduation, marriage, all of it. We try to let go and seem to do a pretty good job most of the time, but those darn butterflies never completely rest.

The story played out on the stage and backstage in the life of my son. I sat in the audience trying to be objective. I sat listening for comments, responses. I told the butterflies that it was no longer my duty...they just laughed at me.

We sit in the audience as our children move forward in their lives contributing here and there. Silently, we watch their lives unfold, and we pray.

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