Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Scrooge

X   Plastic table cloth
X   Pumpkins
X   Carving tools
X   Candles
X   Cookie Sheet

Let the carving begin!

Today two pumpkins sit on the stoop. Been a lot of years of pumpkins sitting out front of the house. Each generation has their own memories. My pumpkin carving days began with my children.

I have to admit that I really don't like to carve pumpkins. I detest putting my hand into the gooey mess. However, carving has improved with time. Tools are designed for easier carving. Patterns are available, so designs can be more intricately created by even a child.

We've roasted pumpkin seeds for years. Anticipation is always great when we take them out of the oven. A day or so later, they sit unnoticed. I guess I sound a bit of a Halloween Scrooge.

"Don't you love that smell," Gabby yelled to me.

"What smell?" I asked.

"Pumpkin, Grammy!"

"Sure," I answer as I stood at the sink washing pumpkin seeds separating pulp from seed. The Scrooge of the Orange Globe has retired for another  year. Two more pumpkins have met their fate.

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