Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back Against the Wall

Hold your chin up
Stand up straight and tall
Feet together, Girl
Back against the wall.

Looking at the sidewalk
Same as day before
Hoping for a meal
They ask for little more.

Bringing home a check
Never is enough
Providing for a family
Sure is gettin' tough.

Every day a battle
No employment call
Look into the mirror
Stand up straight and tall.

Applications sent
Rejection comes the same
So many of us out there
Who hate this sorry game.

Hold your chin up high
Show no fear at all
Don't let anyone know
That your back's against the wall.

For all of us seniors, non-seniors and families who understand, my heart goes out to you. I share your fears. I pray for an answer. I pray for a call. I pray that soon we will not have our backs against the wall.

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