Friday, September 23, 2011


A weekend! I find that no matter what age I have been, "weekend" is always something to look forward to. I'm not working, so I don't need the weekend reprieve. I have no plans, so what's the big deal?!

For one thing, my granddaughters will be home all weekend. When they go to their dad every other week, I miss them terribly. The quiet is nice. The adult TV is nice. I actually have time to write without interruption, but, oh, how I miss the girls. Perhaps I miss them more because I know the day is just around the corner when they will be gone. There is never enough time.

Stacey will do her thing with the girls. I will putts around and be involved in some of the activity, but this is mom and daughters time. I need to give that to them without my own agenda. Yet maybe by just being here, I am involved.

Not every grandparent has the opportunity to see their grandchildren every day. But that is no excuse for lack of contact and for being involved. An email note or picture sent to a grandchild brings on the widest smile. I know. I have seen it. A call time set on the weekends between grandparent and grandchild is cherished by both. There are ways to be involved on a regular basis. Do I feel it is important? Darn right. I know that grandparents are important. I have seen my children go to school on Grandparents' Day without a grandparent. I have been the child without the grandparents. I know of other children, other mothers, who call me Grandma because theirs are not involved. We are important.

No we can't do it all. Miles, obligations, appointments, health often set us apart. Yet a card sent to a child on Grandparents' Day at school is a gift from the hands of a loving grandparent. A distant grandparent may not be able to be involved physically, but they can be creative in finding ways to connect.

The weekend is here. The house will be a bit more cluttered. The noise level will go up a few notches. Two girls will be home. I love weekends.

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