Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not Perfect But Good Enough

The room was a mess. Nothing was where it belonged. Every stuffed toy joined in chaos across the floor.

"What 'cha doin'?" I asked Gabby and her overnight guest.

"We're cleaning," they both answered.

I couldn't really complain. Sometimes when I clean, I get sidetracked with organization. My mess truly becomes a MESS. What was started as a simple task turned into 'spring cleaning'.

Perhaps this kind of housekeeping needs to happen in our lives. Perhaps it is important to look at the corners of our lives and see what mess we really need to 'clean up'.

Feelings can be hurt by a random comment. Family division can happen and be left to fester. We do a quick clean in our lives by closing doors, pushing aside feelings, jamming them in a closet already cluttered with worry and problems unresolved. We all have our 'housecleaning' to do.

I do not criticize but suggest that happiness comes with doing a little housekeeping. Clean out the closet, and you feel a whole lot better. We are not what we drag behind us, but it does affect who we are. I've been doing my personal housekeeping. There is a lot to be learned in this mess we sort through. Humility, compassion, truth, peace and love of self.

The little girls cleaned up their mess. Not everything was in its place or perfect, but it was good enough. I smiled and thought to myself, "Not perfect but good enough."


  1. I need to do some of the literal housekeeping right now rather than the psychological kind. I've been in this house now for over 6 years without any reorganization. It's time!

  2. Seems to be working pretty good here. Cleaning together is great bonding time....and makes a grandma feel lots better.