Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Holiday From Stress

This morning I woke up feeling less than perfect. Well, I have never been perfect, so I guess that I mean feeling less than imperfect. Anyway, I have a new ache. Well, it wasn't really new. I've had it before an knew what was happening. Are you confused? I am.

Stress can do a great deal to the body. We tuck it away thinking we are dealing with it, or we let it run rampant causing chaos wherever it finds a voice. I guess I am the former. I know that worrying doesn't get me anywhere and can be overwhelmingly depressing if I allow it to manifest. I know that I can't deal with anything if I am in panic mode. So I take on the new stress with the realization that life will go on whether I let it control me or not. I prefer to take life it as it comes, and not dwell on what I cannot change.

I know that I won't win the lottery. I know that a new bill will come in the mail. I know that I will get job always. Yet, I know that I am rich in what I have, who I have in my life. I will not give it up as stress begs to settle in. Yes, my body might feel the effects. I can't make this stress go away. Yet I will not destroy what I have because of it.

I called my doc. "Here we go again," I said. She asks if I'm okay. I tell her the truth. She knows I have little control over my life right now. She listens and is on my side.

I wish I had answers to erase the stress that many of us share right now. I have none. I only know that talking to someone we trust helps. I know that keeping a positive attitude is imperative. Most of all, I pray. I know I am never alone.

Hey, stress, give me a break today!

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