Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Joined at the Hip

We were best friend. "Joined at the hip," our parents would say. We knew one another as well as two friends could having grown up from babyhood to grannyhood. Joined at the hip.

This morning I watched a piece on conjoined twins who had been separated. Two babies joined in the womb when two cells failed to completely separate. Babies joined in a way that the rest of us cannot possibly understand.

Coincidentally, last night I finished the book Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. An absolutely wonderful book that I'm sure I will read again. A story of twins. Mr. Verghese captured not just the story of the twins but a story of relationships, those that change over time. Yes, I, I sobbed. I felt that I knew these two brothers by the time the book had ended. They had come to visit me and will stay.

A silent voice holds us all together. I think we fail to listen to it because we don't know it is there, or, perhaps we have too much noise in our lives. I seem to have gotten away from the daily surprises that life can bring. I forget to be amazed at life. I forget to see the miracles, the wonders around me. We are all joined at the hip passing through this lifetime. Of course, we aren't like the twins. But we are living together. Perhaps we go through life allowing our expectations to rule it.

I love to be surprised. I love it when I find a connection with a complete stranger. A connection that might only last for a few moment, stays in our hearts. I made a long journey with twin doctors. Their story took me in and kept me there. Two little boys who were joined at the hip added to me again this morning. Through residing on this globe, in our daily lives, in our hopes and our dreams, in our tragedy and pain, we are separate yet joined at the hip.


  1. I love it too, when a theme becomes clear in my life and I can flow with it. I am a new grandmother blogger and wanted to introduce myself and tell you that I liked your blog. You have portrayed yourself beautifully and are very real. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Thank you, blog-gram-mama. I hope you find the beauty of blog writing, of expression, a gift to your life.