Friday, September 9, 2011

Grammy's Still Got It

We sat under the tree waiting. Truly ninety degrees in the shade is no picnic. We sat beneath the tree waiting for Sydney's bus. Gabby's homework was almost done when we heard the bus arriving. We dashed to the car just as the girls stepped off the bus.

"Hi, Sydney. Hi, Faith," Gabby yelled. Neither girl answered. I got the point.

"Hey, how about we park on a side street where the car is in the shade?" I asked Syd. She looked at me and nodded.

Good job, Grams.

Yesterday a large science, word find puzzle sat before Sydney. "I don't think I'm going to like Science this years," she said.

I looked at the page covered with questions with one clue included. She read the instructions. Words would have at least one or more bends.

"I don't know any of these, Grams. We haven't had this stuff. How am I supposed to know." she said with an already defeated attitude.

"Part of Science is asking questions. Ask and I'll try to help. We can look up answers we don't know."

Clue: Letter C _ _ _ _ _

"Let's go back to that," I said after looking at the clue cluelessly.

One by one, Sydney found that her Grams really knew her science. Question....Uranium. Question.....Skeleton. Question.....Botany. On and on only looking up two out of the twenty+ questions.

"Letter C is Carbon," I finally concluded. "C is the symbol." Learning to think outside of the box.

"Grammy, you're pretty smart!"

Hm, Grammy's still got it.

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