Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From There to Here

It's a short walk from here to there. Point A to Point B. Age One to Age Sixty. It's a short walk.

There are those nights when I lie in bed just wondering at the speed of light, the speed of sound and the speed of life. Well, maybe I don't stay awake over light and sound, but once in awhile the speed of life settles into my thoughts. Where did the time go?

My mother was leaving this life going to the next when she said, "It all went so fast." More and more I realize her words. I don't think I noticed until I was in my sixties that those ten-year, decade segments were just a speck of time. I have lived six of those segments that passed much too quickly.

I could get buried in the things lost, those things and people who are gone. I could get lost in the memories. But, this is the life progression. It happens while we live. So why not make the best of all that remains. Maybe we become aware of it at this age because it is important. We are important. Maybe we are aware because there are tales to be told and honor to be given. Perhaps we are aware because we have things to teach and things to learn. There is an awakening of the spirit, of the soul that finds us in the 'here' that started back 'there'.

Maybe it is these years that teach us that love comes in all ways and can be given in all ways. For me, it is a lesson in embracing the now and my family, my friends. It is the time to love the world one person at a time, starting with me.

The distance is short between then and now.

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