Monday, September 19, 2011

For Her Children

Sometimes we make mistakes in our lives that change the course of our future and that of our children. There are many women who have walked away from their marriages for one reason or another hoping for something better. More times than not it doesn't work that way. The lose financially because they don't expect more for themselves. They leave because they are in pain.

She knits with a flurry that even snowstorms cannot match. She does it for her children.

I remember coming out of my divorce full of hope for a better future. For awhile the future I sought was kind, then the economy changed and my hands began to fail me. My children are grown yet I am a worry to them. Now I try to find a way to take care of my kids so they don't worry.....writing for my children.

My daughter has had her struggles. She has faced the struggles of a single mom. She doesn't have a house to sell because she left hers. She doesn't have a retirement because she hasn't worked long....she only wanted to be a mom and wife. She tries hard to get ahead only to find barriers which constantly assail her. I watched this woman emerging from a safe cocoon into an unforgiving world trying to get a foothold on the future for her children.

In the waking hours when my daughter is not spending time with her beautiful daughters or working, she knits. She works hard trying to build up stock to sell at bazaars. Some of her work sells to friends as quickly as she can knit it. She is gifted. With each piece she makes, she adds a bit more to the coffers for her daughter. With each piece of her heart that she pours into each piece, she heals herself.

I am proud of this daughter of mine. She has learned much from this struggle just as did I. She has found new parts of herself. She is one of the bravest women I know. It is amazing what we mothers do for our children. We find strength to protect them and to provide for them. We find peace in knowing we give them the best parts of us. We learn about ourselves in this entire process giving our children a better mother.

She sits and knits. Her fingers twist and turn and create. She does it for her children.

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