Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Face Book

"I'm sad today," Sydney wrote. My heart ached to hear the words, yet I was glad that she could express them on Facebook. The safety settings are on our computers. No one outside of her 'friends' can read her words.

"I hate Facebook. I don't need to hear everyone's complaints," my friend said.

"I'm tired of people always preaching," said another.

Well, I love Facebook for many reasons:

#1  I have contact with people I haven't seen in decades.
#2  I can keep up with the lives of friends and family. My older nieces are part of my life because of it.
#3  Concerns are shared and prayers are sent.
#4  Miles dissolve. Those from Ireland to Oregon.
#5  For those ill or depressed, a community gives support.
#6  Feelings and fears, seem to be more easily express.

Yes, some people whine and complain. Sometimes the social network is used to preach. Personalities come alive on the computer screen.

Neighborhoods have grown because of FB. My online neighborhood is there to boost and support one another. I allow for those who decide to preach sometimes skipping their messages because I already know what will be said. Yet I keep them as a friend, because I want to have these people in my life. I allow people to complain and vent, because sometimes I feel the need to do the same. I love that people voice concerns that might just be mine, too. I am part of a neighborhood of different people with different views, with different lives, with different personalities.

My granddaughter and her friends write on FB. Each day I can see what has gone on in her life. Things she might not voice at home. I find out about her friends. I can still write on her page and not embarrass her. I have a window that I might not have otherwise that shows me the young woman my granddaughter is becoming. And, I am finding a wonderfully, well-spoken young lady with a heart as big as the world and compassion beyond her years.

Yes, I am a Facebooker. (Hm. I wonder if I just coined a new word.) I am part of a worldwide family drawn together in this way. The hard times in my life are easier, because I know I have a network of friends who care. The joyful times are richer because of the support I receive. My family is closer because the miles are erased.

My last entry on my Facebook page was written yesterday.

To all the kids going back to school: Have a great year! To all the parents of said kids: Hang in there. They grow up quickly. To all grandparents of said kids: Be involved.

Through FB, I am involved. Of course, it really is not a book, but it is an album of people from the past and present. Some whom I would not have were it not for this social network. The Face Book.

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