Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Time

"It was another time," the newscaster said. The words resonated. Oh, yes, it was another time. A difficult time. A time my children, younger generations cannot understand. The tapes of Jackie Kennedy have been released. She recounts her life in the White House, her life as the President's wife. It was the 60's. "She was told her views by her husband."

She was a wife of the times....my time. Men divided themselves from the women going off talking about whatever men talked about while women sat separated from topics that just might interest them. We didn't know it, but we were held back by the times. We didn't know it, but we had the power to change the world. Wait....there were some who knew that it was time for change and did it.

Perhaps I always knew that I wanted more for my mother. She was an intelligent woman who never had the chance to show what she could do. She fell into the path of her mother and stayed there until my father passed. I tried to fall into that path but internally fought it all the way. Work places back in the 60's did not consider wives important. We were not invited to gatherings. We were not included in travel. We were the ones who provided food for the cocktail parties then sat with the women while the men controlled our lives. It was the way of it.

I sometimes wonder what my life would be like had I been raised in this time when women have a voice, when they can fly on their own wings. I thrill that my granddaughters will have the wings we give them. I love that they will know their worth. Women fought for their rights for generations. Our generation stepped up the fight. The apron was burned along with the bras.

My children don't see it, but I do every time there is a group of people. The men and women no longer separate. They wouldn't think of it. Men visit with women. Women visit with men. The separation of the sexes is becoming a thing of the past here in these United States. We are no better, and, we are no worse than our counterparts, the men. The power both sexes possess is mighty when combined.

I don't always know what I think about a particular subject, but I love hearing all views. No one can tell me what I believe, my views. Yet my view can be expanded and just perhaps improved by the freedom to be included...included with men and women and children.

It was another time.


  1. Roles have comingled too. A long road between then and now.

  2. So right. I would have loved to have a man who enjoyed sharing roles. Had I waited a few more years to marry, maybe I would have found the right one! Thank God for change.