Monday, August 15, 2011

You Aren't Alone (adj.)

Alone. adj. separate, apart, isolated from others
Alone. adv. without aid or help

 There are many forms of alone. Some are wanted, needed. Some are lonely. Some are illusive. I think all of us experience all of them at one time or another. We wish to be alone. We feel alone. We are left alone.

I received an email from a blog friend. She is a grandmother taking care of her two small grandchildren on a daily basis. She dreams of pursuing a floral design career. Her husband works nights; she hardly sees him. She started writing, but still felt a void in her life. Babysitting has pulled on her financially and emotionally. Bless her heart, she feels alone. Not only feels alone but aches to have time alone.

As I read her message, I felt my own 'alone' coming to the surface. I have four days a month where I am not with my granddaughters. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am living with them and my daughter. I was laid off from a career in marketing and public relations. I lost my time alone, time to write, time to just be. Financially, we focus on what we can give the girls. My daughter and I make do. I'm tired of ICarly and Sponge Bob. I'm tired of always being up and full of energy that I just don't have. I understand alone.

In her email, she expressed that she has no one to talk to about her situation and wants to hear from others caught in the babysitting web. I'm trying to find a way to add a chat page to this blog, but not sure it will happen. BUT, I do have a place to comment at the end of each post. Please......please write and share your stories. Talk to one another. Give support to one another. I can only write and empathize with you. I can only voice what I am going through. We are in this game of life together. Your journey is mine. This is a place for not only a grandparent's voice, but a place for the child, the parent, the man and woman who want to join in an effort to create a healthier life for us all. One of peace and understanding.

To my reader, my blog friend, thank you for writing. You are not alone. Your story belongs to many. I hope the many are listening.

I look forward to your conversations.

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