Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rain Drops on Roses

Rain drops on roses. Whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles. Warm woolen mittens.

My granddaughters had not seen Sound of Music. It was time they did. We gathered around the TV and watched an old favorite take us to the hills which were, by the way, alive with music.

I saw Sound of Music when it first came out. The cinematography was incredible. Costuming perfect. And, we all fell in love with the Von Trapp family. Now while watching it, I also watched my granddaughters. Those first few moments that captured me in the 60's failed to pull them in.

"It's a dated piece," I told myself.

We no longer see nuns in the long, black robes. New methods of cinematography have changed what we see on the screen. Some of the old songs from musicals fail to capture a younger audience. I could see the differences from my view and theirs. I knew what was going on in Europe at that time. I understood what it was to fall in love.

My daughter sang every song along with the movie actors. Her daughters sat quietly listening and watching. We were having a family night learning about another family.

The movie ended.

"Let's watch it again!" Gabby shouted.

Perhaps I project my feelings too quickly. Perhaps I need to stop worrying about how everyone else feels and concentrate a bit more on myself. This wasn't about the movie. It was about a family cuddled up together on a sofa taking in a bit of music, a bit of history, a bit of each other.

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  1. Interestingly, I just had a similar experience with my youngest granddaughters, who are seven. I learned that neither of them have seen the movie, although they know some of the songs. I looked for it at a couple of stores and didn't find it, so I have it ordered on Netflix. I hope my experience turns out as well as yours did!