Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Plethora of Memories

There is the going. Then, there is the coming home. Being gone for a month has been an adjustment for all. Life moved on in both areas, memories were made on opposite sides of the U.S. Now since I'm home, it is the sorting through them all that fills my mind.

My welcome home was wonderful. The kids and the dogs were excited to see me. I seem to have one of the girls with me wherever I go. The transition is difficult. A three hour time change leaves me exhausted most of the time.  The energy level is a bit harder to keep up with. I'm worn out. My heart aches.

I know that I'm needed here. I could not leave my family to live elsewhere. However, I do know that my life needs to be shared with my sister and in my home area back East. The good thing is that I don't feel guilty for my feelings. And, perhaps someday I will live part of the year with my sister. I am done with guilt.

I have a plethora of memories to embrace. My trip gave me a new perspective on what I own emotionally and what I do not. It gave me a new appreciation for the people and the place I grew up. My return gave us all an appreciation of one another.

Sometimes we need to go away to find ourselves. Welcome home, Pam.

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