Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Piggy Bank is Drained

The piggy bank is drained. The bank account is hanging a thread above the red. Life is tough in these days we are living. Not just for us, but for many.

I refuse to let the elephants get me down despite the weight of it all. In fact, we are in pretty good shape compared to thousands, millions of others. The world is weeping, struggling, sometimes feeling a bit too heavy, but we are not alone.

This morning on Facebook I had two messages asking for prayers for children ill with terrible diseases. The list of names praying for these children is growing as the day goes on. I added my prayers to theirs.

Last night I was thinking about my blogs. They aren't mine. They are yours, your neighbors, your community. Neff Road could be any road in the world. Each road has its neighbors and memories. My thoughts as a grandparent are just more of what grandparents have already thought. Reaching the age of sixty-four and discovering more about aging, about unemployment is nothing new. Everyone has tasted the passing of time and uncertainty of tomorrow.

I could let the elephants get me down feeling the weight of 'poor me', but that isn't me. I believe we all have a common goal. We all have God in whatever form her or she takes for each person who cares for us and our world. I believe that we are a world of people trying to find a way to be a singular positive power. We are each unique but reside in the same notebook. Good will outweigh evil.

I pray for these two children. I pray for the thousands in Kenya. I pray for a nation struggling to find a way to work as one for its people. I pray for the unemployed, the homeless, the ill. I pray that we can all find a light to hold on to that will in some way bring light to this world.

The piggy bank is drained, but the heart is ever hopeful.


  1. We do need the "audacity of hope" in these economic times. I hate to see so many people hurting, and I think it has brought home to many of us that Americans cannot be complacent. Civilizations as great as this one have gone down in flames. I hope that our leaders will find a way to achieve a full economic recovery. But, as you say, there are many worse things than being broke!

  2. Susan, my granddaughter has been taking in all of the news reports and conversations that happen around her. She is worried about Kenya, the war in Afghanistan, the economy and the climate. As a grandparent I have an obligation to plant hope when despair could be all the focus. There is hope. Maybe it is in the eyes of the beholder and we need more beholders.