Monday, August 29, 2011

The Pact

"Are your feet sticking to the floor?" I asked Sydney as we stood in the kitchen.

She, too, noticed that her feet seemed to leave a little bit of themselves on the floor with each step. I stood back looking at the light reflecting on the floor. The surface swirled a bit and small pieces of dirt hung to the crevices under the stove. So I took a little cleaner and paper towel hiding on the floor, quietly cleaning off the surface once more.

I say once more because Gabby mopped the floor this morning. It all began with.....

"Grammy, can I mop the floor some day?" she asked a couple of days ago. "I can do it."

"Yes, Gabby, its about time to learn," I answered.

So this morning we pulled out the Wet Jet. I showed her what to do, then she took over. Sydney was sweeping off the patio and vacuuming the stairs. I was dusting and vacuuming the living room carpet. Family cleanup day. Puddles was confined to the kennel.

It was after the work was finished that we started lunch. Two girls were proud of their accomplishments. What fun it would be to see Mom's face when she came home! There was no way that I was going to point out to Gabby that her floors needed a bit more attention. Sydney and I made a silent pact to keep our sticky feet to ourselves.

Gabby picked up the rugs, moved the dog dish, swept the floor before beginning and tackled her job with determination. I could not be more proud.

The critical eye, the carelessly tossed word can crush a child's desire to try. Our sticky floor was just perfect.

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