Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Old Dog New Tricks

"Grammy, will you teach me to write like that," Sydney said looking down at an old letter my uncle had written.

Evidently, cursive is becoming obsolete along with many other things that were part of my growing and that of my children. So how am I going to be keeping up with these changes? Am I going to dig in and refuse to change? Am I going to use the excuse that I'm too old to change? Am I going to pull away from what I no longer understand?

Well, heck no. That's not me. We had our changes in our time. Why shouldn't our grandchildren? I think it is my responsibility to keep up. I think it just might do me a heap o' good.

Back in Ohio, James, Lisa and I visited my old stomping grounds. We stopped at my Grandad Loxley's home place. Lisa is an instructor for Barre 3, a type of exercise that includes ballet, yoga and pilates. She wanted some shots of her poses with barn as her backdrop. A new type of gracefulness next to a historic barn. A long deserted hay manger fit her next pose. The old was graced with the new.

There is much to be learned from the old; there is much to be gained from the new. In reality, it is what we see in ourselves.

I could no more climb up on the manger let alone feed the cows at this point in my life, but I can appreciate the beauty of a wonderful idea. I can appreciate that my granddaughters have computers to type on. Maybe they won't have my arthritic thumbs. I love that I can learn new ways and reflect on the old.

I learned to blog. I learned the computer ins and outs by myself. I learned to be a woman alone. I learned that my ways aren't always the best. I learned that I can be an old dog learning new tricks.


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