Thursday, August 18, 2011

If The Shoe Fits, Then Buy It

My daughter went to a bridal shower. They played the standard party games. In this game, the participants were to finish common phrases. Well, maybe I should say they are common to some generations and not others. The first section are the original sayings.

A woman's work never done
A happy house full of laughter
Behind every great man a successful woman
A stitch in time ...saves nine
The path of true love ...never runs smooth
Variety is ...the spice of life
Every man's home his castle
True love ...conquers all
Marriages are ...made in heaven
A watched pot ...never boils
If the shoe fits ...wear it
A penny saved a penny earned
Home is ...where the heart is
Too many cooks ...spoil the broth

The same set of sayings was given to the hostesses teenage daughter:

A woman's work ... is good work
A happy house a rich house
Behind every great man stupidity
A stitch in time a weird saying
The path of true love oh so nice
Variety is ...different types of different things
Every man's home a messy home
True love very nice
Marriages are ...sometimes okay
A watched pot something I don't understand
If the shoe fits ...then buy it
A penny saved ...will not make you much richer
Home is ...a place to sleep
Too many cooks ...makes a lot of food

New interpretations of old sayings. Messages from another generation. Observations made that tell a story of present day.

If the shoe all means, buy it.

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  1. This is hilarious! When I taught school, I learned that high school students don't know some of the proverbs that we think everyone understands. And as times change, and we get away from an agricultural society, we'll lose even more of these sayings.