Monday, August 8, 2011

A Grandparent's Voice

What is a grandparent's voice? Is it what we do for our grandchildren? Is it what we feel as older adults? Is it a role we play, the things we do, the masks we wear? What is a grandparent's voice?

For me, the voice is learning from what has gone before, dealing with what is and wondering at everything else. The voice is not what I know. No, it is more about what I am learning. Getting older is a gift. One I treasure. It has given me the desire to throw off everything I believed and to find new meaning in that which was thrown off. I have learned in these months of writing. I have learned because I allowed doors to open, ideas to change and observations to be more clearly seen. A world is waiting to talk. I am eager to listen.

Awhile ago my friend told me that she had finally said to her son, "You need to work it out because I don't own it any more. You do."

I don't own it any more. Wow. How many things have I carried along in my life sure that I owned them? How much guilt, anger, disillusionment followed me throughout my life that I could have left behind? Well, it doesn't matter now because.....I don't own it any more. Oh, how I like the feeling that goes with those words.

We should all find our voice and allow ourselves the freedom to express it. My expression comes in the form of words. For others, it might come in deeds or the creativity of perhaps a paint brush or a pair of knitting needles. Still we need the words, don't we? Sometimes seeing the words, saying the words, opens new avenues of thought, new relationships with others, a new me.

What is a grandparent's voice? It is the voice of a child, a parent, an adult, a voice of wisdom, a voice of pain, a voice on a journey into the one who holds the thoughts and memories. You are the memory of the past and the expression for the future.

You are the voice.

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