Friday, August 5, 2011

Fascinating Adults

Good things happen when friends are truly friends. They grow into one another's life and in turn their lives expand as does that of their families.

My good friend Paulette is a wonder. She amazes me on a regular basis. She is part mother, part friend, part wife and part grandmother, and does all parts very well. We both know that when one of us needs something, the other will drop everything and be there.

I didn't dream that my friend would ever want to visit my home place in Ohio. Who would want to spend a vacation in farm country? Well, evidently my friend did. She flew in for a week spending time with me as I visited the nursing home and old friends. She walked through my old home place with me asking questions and learning more about the girl I was. We drove together to my sister's home in Indiana where she settled in like one of the residents there.

Last night Paulette had a cookout with her family and mine. A concert was held in the park behind their home. We ate. We laughed. We listened to music while families merged. My granddaughters loved every minute of this 'visiting time'.

Everyone should have a Paulette in their lives, a person who knows the meaning of friendship. I am blessed to have her in the lives of my family members.

Paulette and a few others were in the kitchen. A few others included my Gabby.

"I find adults fascinating," she commented to Paulette.

A wise observation, my granddaughter. One to build your life on.

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