Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Mr. Senator

Dear Sentor Wyden....

Yes, this morning I did what I talk about. I wrote to my senator. I wrote for me. I wrote for those of you in the same boat. I tried to be a voice for those of living on a shoe string, those of us living with our children, those of us unemployed, those of us who are baby boomers and those drowning in Medical Insurance rates.

For those of you I've heard from who are hurting and those with concerns, please write to your senators. You have a voice. You have a chance to do something for yourselves. We have to believe in the system. We have to believe that we are a great country who cares about every citizen. We have to try our best to be our best.

I decided to write to Senator Wyden right after I had written to my state senator. Late last night our neighbors next door were by their house messing around their plants. Their house is about 10 feet away from ours. We know they smoke marijuana. We smell it every day and night. Our house often reeks of it. I was sure the plants were marijuana.

This morning I decided to check it out. I peaked through the fence and saw the plants growing next to their house. So I called the police. The officer came out and indeed it was marijuana. He counted the plants.

"I'll call you after I see if he is a registered grower."

Well, my readers, he is registered. We are stuck with this guy, with the smell in our house and with our girls living around marijuana. My daughter, a pharmacy tech, wonders why, if marijuana is going to be legal for medical use, it isn't handled through a pharmacy. How can we allow it to be grown outside my window???? So I wrote to my state senator.

I can complain all I want to my friends and family. I can complain to you. But, if I don't voice my concerns to the proper people, then how can I expect them to be heard?

I wrote my two emails. My granddaughters were sitting next to me. I hope that I am showing them a proper way to handle their problems. I hope that they will learn from our conversations and not just from complaining.

Go to Google and look up your state senator's information. Write your letters, your emails. Let them know that you care.

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