Friday, August 12, 2011

Can You See Me Now?

Progress. Stepping up our game. Keeping up with the times. Finding new ways to communicate. Learning to embrace the new. Pressing a key and stepping into a home 2500 miles away. One word, one wonderful word changes everything: Skype.

It sat on my computer for weeks after I downloaded it. I had great hopes for this communication tool but wasn't so sure I wanted to use it....or try to use it. With Skype I could see my friends in Canada and Ireland. I could do what was only a vague possibility when I was a child. "Someday we will be able to see people when we talk to them on the phone." That's sorta like "Someday we will send a man to the moon." Hm.

I was determined to use Skype when I went on vacation in Indiana. Being away from my granddaughters for a month was going to be difficult. They aren't great talkers on the phone. I wanted more than one word conversations.

"Okay, I'm going to Skype you," I said to the girls on the phone as I tried to figure out skyping.

After a few attempts, Gabby said, "Grammy, we'll call you."

A message popped up on my my computer along with two lovely faces....and the skyping began as miles melted away. A beginning of daily conversations.

"Hi, Grammy," Gabby said, her computer rested on her lap.

"Gabby, where are you?" I asked.

"I'm in the truck."

"Where is the truck?"

"In the garage." Hm, again.

"Why are you sitting in the garage?"

"We're in a fight."

"Oh, I see. So you are sitting in the truck alone in the garage?"

"I'm not alone. I'm with you, Grammy," she replied. "Wait!"

She turned the computer and me around. "Watch me. I'll be right back."

On the screen I watched her dash across the truck bed.

"Grammy, I'll disappear then you can see me again," she said disappearing over the back of the truck.

"Can you see me now," she yelled as she went up the stairs.

"Gabby......Gabby!!!!" I yelled to empty air...trapped in a a garage in Oregon.

I sat humming a song waiting to see if she would return or get side tracked leaving me to my alone time in the garage, when suddenly three girls were pounding down the stairs then crowding into the truck cab. Motion sickness threatened as they jostled the computer. Then it happened. Skype took me home once more.

Ah......I hope I never get too old to learn new tricks.

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  1. I haven't really warmed up to Skype. I think being on camera just makes me nervous.