Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School

Back to school.

"Why can't I go the first day?" Sydney complains. Sixth graders go a day earlier than the rest of the middle school. Gabby will go off to the fourth grade at the same time.

"I don't want summer to be over!" Gabby complains. Back to school.

Every time I sent my kids off to school, my stomach ache appeared. Would their teachers be kind? Would they struggle with harder classes? Would those kids who were mean the year before be nicer this year? Would they have friends in their classes? Ah, the school stomach ache.

Now I find I have the same concerns with my granddaughters. I know how mean kids can be. I know that some teachers lack patience. Pettiness is such a girl thing at these ages. Friends one day can be the enemy the next.

Well, looks like I need to take a Tums and get myself ready for school. I'm working on my positive dialogue. My smile and enthusiasm seems to be working. I want strong girls. Sure they will face problems, disappointment. They will be hurt and saddened at some point. Home is a place to grow strength, to learn to handle problems and most of all, to find constant support.

Bring it on, School!!! It looks to be a good year.

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