Sunday, July 17, 2011

What Needs Be Done

While I'm gone I will post some writing already done while in Oregon. I'm sorry my writing is irregular. In two weeks, I will be back on track.

Hm. I wonder how that pile of clothing will get upstairs. Better yet, how will it get into the drawers? Hm. There are dirty dishes in the sink. I wonder how they got there? Better yet, how will they get from there to the dishwasher.....from the dishwasher to the shelf?

"Grammy, you said we would do lots of fun things this summer," Sydney said on day three of summer vacation. "All you are doing is work!"


"Honey, I realize that you both think I just sit around all day, but this is work I do daily that needs to get finished."

"But it's boring. You've been doing laundry for two days!"

"Yes, and whose laundry am I doing?" I say looking down at my half full basket and their overflowing big basket.

I made a grocery list and handed it to her. "Now we're going to the store."

We walked the aisles, granddaughter and I. She with list in hand shopping the shelves for the checked items. I was surprised that she didn't ask for anything not listed.

"Grammy, I think we can get this cheaper at Mom's store."

She's catching on.

"Thanks, Grammy. I had a good time."

"Me, too, Honey. Me, too."



  1. Oh, that constant push and pull between doing something fun and taking care of "bidness"! I know it well. Best is when you can combine the two.

  2. It's such a short window of time that "helping" is fun for everyone! I vote for fun.