Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Layers

Three sheets of paper laid out to dry, the paint still wet. One page is blue with a lone cloud. One was big squares of bold colors. Another was a solid color with small colored dabs of paint sprinkled across the page.

"Are you finished with these?" I asked Sydney.

"No," she answered.

I knew that she was going to do what I have tried to tell them in past painting sessions. Paint your colors in layers. Let it dry before stacking other color on top. It was a bit mind boggling looking at the papers. What would she do next? The cloud was pretty obvious. I was eager to see what she would do with the others.

My granddaughter is many layers. There is the base coat that is applied by her family, those early learning years. But now that that layer has settled in, she is trying to see for herself what will be added to that first layer. She must decide what she will become.

Next year she will be in the 7th grade. This journey into middle school that began last fall has changed her. A new maturity has set in, and she wears it well. She goes off to do her homework in her room and spends a bit more time on the phone and computer chatting with her friends. She sometimes walks into the kitchen on her own accord offering to help cook or clean up. She participates more in adult conversation. Her relationship with her sister has seen a few changes. She watches over Gabby and feels more protective. The butterfly is tapping on the cocoon.

Something happens to little girls when they step into 'young woman shoes'. More time is spent in front of the mirror. She loves to wear her mother's clothes. Showers are is her beautiful, brown hair. She seems to have developed that head toss that women do so well. Yes, she is stepping into her own.

A new layer is being applied to a canvas. And, three paintings are waiting for the next coat. I wonder if the new layers will reflect the beautiful young woman my granddaughter has become.

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